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1. KIMSISTER's First Step

With so many skincare and cosmetics products and stores across the world, it can be hard to find the cosmetics and cosmetics store best suited to you. That's why we spend a lot of time looking for the products we need. We thought ‘Why don't we make it ourselves?’ So, in 2020, we started KIMSISTER. If you look closely at the ingredients of many skin care products, including natural, vegan and organic products, and even expensive products, they contain a lot of chemical ingredients that have not been studied for safety and may carry risks.
 We genuinely want to introduce high-quality cosmetics.  We have given a lot of thought to our products and work hard to satisfy consumers, producers, and sellers and have a happy life together.

2. KIMSISTER's belief and values

The first step was simple. We spent a lot of time thinking about what we wanted to do. Since we wanted to create a service that would be loved by customers for a long time, our first thought was ‘Would we want to buy this product? not ‘Would it sell well?’. We also asked ourselves: 'Is this a product we can trust and use ourselves?' rather than focusing on sales. Through fierce contemplation, we constantly strive to do the right thing in the long term, rather than seeking profit in the short term.

3. KIMSISTER sells products that we want to buy.

We believe that effective and high-quality personal care products will be kind to our bodies and satisfy our lives. We use a 3Principles; only products that pass this standard are selected and sold.

*3 Principles.

1. We analyse the product ingredients.
 2. We exclude products which contain ingredients with over three types of artificial fragrances.
 3. If products contain ingredients that have no safety studies or little research, we contact the manufacturer to select only products with a low number of these ingredients added. 

4. KIMSISTER lets you try products for free!

*Greater satisfaction by trying the product before buying!

You have to try a product to see if it suits you. No matter how safe the ingredients, it may not work for everyone. At KIMSISTER, we deliver 5 samples when you purchase over $37.77!

5.KIMSISTER guarantees reliable distribution

(Free standard shipping by dhl/fedex to187 countries with any $37.77)

We all have concerns when ordering from abroad that the product will take a long time to arrive. You don’t need to worry because KIMSISTER ships free of charge to 186 countries via DHL/FEX EMS for purchases over $37.77.

6.Reference ingredients information

There are many different skin types, such as dry, neutral, oily, and sensitive skin. Even if the ingredients are safe, there may be things that don't suit your skin. KIMSISTER provides 'Reference ingredients information' to help you choose the right product for your skin.


7.KIMSISTER puts customer happiness and satisfaction first.

KIMSISTER puts customers first. We want our customers to get satisfaction today and remain a service that gives customers happiness in their lives.